Fitup rotators are developed to joint two pieces. two circular pieces can easily be concentrically adjusted.

Fitup rotators consist of two idle units. One of the units is fix on the ground with steel rollers and the other travels on the rail with PU coated rollers.

The rails should also be purchased. The length of the rail is not standard since the length of the piece is various.

Fitup rotators cannot be ordered only one set. Required rail working length and other devices which work in line with fit-up unit is being engineered before the offer to meet customer application.

Standard Features

  • Self-aligned diameter adjustments;
  • Remote controller with 5 meter cable length;
  • Two direction movement by hydraulic cylinders (left-right + up-down);
  • Steel wheels on traveling unit;
  • PU wheels on fix unit;
  • Idler bogie system with traveling unit.

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