Chi-CCZK-PL Series lights silicone protective film coating equipment is a secondary coincidence research on CCZK-EL vapor deposition systems, is an innovative design of a whole new generation lights special protective film coating equipment overlapped.

Innovative evaporation electrode design, give the film excellent density, uniformity, adhesion and reflectivity

Evaporation of aluminum and other advanced technology perfect blending silicone ion coincidence, effectively prevent secondary pollution products

Top international suppliers of the United States MKS flow valve products, precision micro-controlled silicone oil flow, get good protective film coating

Chi-manufactured using innovative technology, excellence, the EU adopted a comprehensive CE and ISO international quality management system certification;


Chi-CCZK-PL headlight protective film coating machines are widely used coincide automotive lighting coating, high-end fixtures, high-grade reflector coating, etc.,

Note: ordinary lamps, reflective coating can bowl Chi-CCZK-EL series ordinary evaporation coating machine

More applications, please contact Chi-engineer.

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CCZK-PL lights protective film coating equipment

Cavity structure: vertical front door, horizontal front door, the rear of vacuum systems

Material material: cavity are made of stainless steel

Film types: aluminum + silicone protective film evaporator

Silicone coincidence: American MKS silicone oil flow valve, stainless steel silicone oil storage and output devices.

Rotation system: frequency control, can be 6 or 8-axis rotation of the shaft system (customizable)

Power Systems: Power + bombardment evaporation power

Vacuum system: diffusion pump (optional molecular pump) + roots pump mechanical pump + + + cryogenic pump to maintain system (optional)

Gas control: mass flow controller + solenoid valve

Plasma cleaning: cleaning with high-pressure ion bombardment system

Evaporation source: with multiple sets of lights into the newly developed coating resistance evaporation source

Intelligent Control: PLC intelligent control + HMI full-color touch human-machine interface, to achieve automatic control

Alarm and protection: abnormal situation alarm, and implement the appropriate protective measures.

Other technical parameters:

Ultimate vacuum: 5.0 × 10-4Pa

Pumping speed: 5.0 * 10-2≤5min

Hydraulic flow rate ≥0.2Mpa 3m3 / h; temperature ≤25 ℃; Pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa;


General Specifications: Φ1600mm * H2000mm, Φ1800mm * H2000mm, Φ2000mm * H2200mm

Vacuum chamber size or device configurations according to customer requirements for customized products and special process.

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