Prima Power PunchBend – a new fabrication solution for cut to size material
Prima Power combined extensive experience of punching and bending and leadership in servo-electric technology to create a new compact and economical fabrication solution for cut to size materials.

Very often the fabrication process when manufacturing steel furniture, lighting equipment, domestic appliances, heating equipment, boilers, steel doors, etc. enables the use of cut to size material for improved production economy. This is provided by the new Prima Power PunchBend, which fabricates high-quality, ready-bent components from cut to size material.

The essential characteristic of PunchBend is tight integration of everything that is needed: software, work stages and material handling. High productivity is achieved with fast loading and tool changes

In many applications and industries the use of cut to size material improves production economy considerably.
No skeleton-handling, machine process time is used efficiently, meaning more production
High component quality
Low maintenance costs
More production with less floor space
Less storage and work-in-progress
Less man hours and more machine hours due to tightly integrated processes
Less storage and work-in-progress
Shorter lead time for product changes and new products
Practically zero times for setup – fast, automatic change from one product to another
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