Prima Power Platino – The laser for everyone

Flexible, user-friendly and compact flat cutting machine with an excellent price/performance ratio. Automatic management of materials and thicknesses.

For everyone, for everything.

PLATINO® is the general purpose 2D laser cutting machine by Prima Power utilized around the globe across a multitude of applications, manufacturing demands, and budgets.

PLATINO® cuts a broad range of materials and thicknesses with speed and precision without the need for manual adjustment. Change over to tube processing can be achieved with zero setup time. Available in two sizes (1530 and 2040) and with laser powers ranging from 2,500 W to 5,000 W, PLATINO® is suitable for every application.

Thanks to its wide range of automation modules, PLATINO® is the right solution for both small batches and large-scale production

Specifications +

 Features Platino 1530 Platino 2040
Working area X, Y, Z 3,048 mm , 1,524 mm, 150 mm 4,064 mm , 2,032 mm, 150 mm
Maximum speed X,Y: 100 m/min. Maximum combined speed 140 m/min X,Y: 80 m/min. Maximum combined speed 110 m/min
Accuracy, according to VDI/DGQ 3441 standards
Length of measuring: complete stroke
Positioning (Pa)
Repeatability (Ps)

0.03 mm
0.03 mm

0.03 mm
0.03 mm

Optional rotary axis Diameter 120…300 mm and 40…140 mm
Passing hole 130 mm
Maximum tube length 3,000 mm
Diameter 120…300 mm and 40…140 mm
Passing hole 130 mm
Maximum tube length 3,000 mm
Maximum overall dimensions, length x width x height 10,600 mm x 3,540 mm x 2,500 mm 12,900 mm x 4,200 mm x 2,500 mm
Appr. weight (basic machine) 10,000 kg 12,000 kg
Standard CO2 laser power 2,500 W … 5,000 W 3,000 W … 5,000 W


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