The higher class three-dimensional machine for the cutting and welding of large workpieces with superior quality and accuracy.

Big, in every way

OPTIMO® is big from every point of view.

Its large working volume – greater than 11m3 – means that there is no limit to the size of workpiece that can be processed. The high levels of its performance allow high speed processing to be carried out with excellent quality and precision.

System flexibility and productivity are further enhanced by its high accessibility, which offers a large number of solutions for workpiece jigs or fixtures and handling. Prima Power’s experience in the field of 3D laser machines is second to none, and this is reflected in OPTIMO®, a higher class, reliable production tool.

Specifications +

Work area
X  4,500 mm    Y  2,500 mm         Z  1,020 mm
A  360°   B ±135°  C ±10 mm   W (Vivida)  ±10 mm

Axis speed
X, Y, Z  50 m/min   (trajectory 85 m/min)
A, B  1.5 rev/s

Laser source CO2  2,500 W – 4,000 W

Linear axes  X,  Y,  Z 4,500 mm,  2,500 mm,  1,020 mm
Head axes  A  /  B  /  C  /  W (vivida) 360° continuous (without limitation)  /  ± 135° /  ± 10 mm  /  ± 10 mm
X  /  Y  /  Z
A,  B
85 m/min
50 m/min
1.5 revs per second
Trajectory with Vivida
X,  Y,  Z
A,  B
0.7 g
1.2 g
0.4 g
60 rad/s² (9.5 rev/s²)
4 g
X,  Y,  Z
A,  B
0.001 mm
Precision, according to VDI/DGQ 3441 standards
Positioning (Pa)  X,  Y,  Z
Repeatability (Ps)  X,  Y,  Z
Positioning (Pa)  X,  Y,  Z (with optical scale)
Repeatability (Ps)  X,  Y,  Z (with optical scale)
Positioning (Pa)   A,  B
Repeatability (Ps)  A,  B
0.06 mm
0.06 mm
0.03 mm
0.03 mm
Appr. weight (basic machine) 18,700 kg
Maximum overall dimensions,  L  x  W  x  H 8.200 mm  x  5.300 mm  x  4.100 mm
Standard CO2 laser power 2,500 W … 5,000 W


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