The stainless rotary table:
Max. Diameter: Ø750 mm
Max. Height: 500 mm
Inclination angle: -15° ~ +105°
Accuracy ±0.003°


Flexible working range, suitable for all kinds of jet engine turbine blades
The unique rotary / tilting table from Ocean Technologies is technical breakthrough for multi-axis EDM Drilling performance, with 360 rotation and wide tilting range up to 120, both axes are driven by DD motor, providing a versatile and accurate A, B axes.


The spindle position can be shifted towards the operator’s direction (Y+), this design allowing the drilling work goes into a vertical cavity, such as aluminum alloy car wheel. Such a unique design only available in Ocean Technologies machines.


Electrode Trimming
Electrode tip is cut off and trimmed after drilling, eliminating irregular wearing or sharp shaped tip; maintaining higher accuracy and repeatability for next hole.


Auto Tool Changer (ATC) and Auto Guide Changer (AGC) are standard features of OCT-90120CA. THe reliability of ATC and AGC ensures long term operation accuracy and high productivity.

ATC Capacity: 16 or 32 tools
AGC Capacity: 10 blocks

  • Auto compensation of replacement new elec trodes whie machining electrode is run out.
  • Once the machining depth is reached, the electrode automatically returns to a fixed height above the workpiece.

Extra Large Coolant Tank
Extra large coolant tank, 250 liters capacity with two paper filter cartridges, plus high performance water chiller, the machine runs under correct and clean conditions for accurate and stable sparking.


Compact Hardware and High Quality Human-Machine Interface

icon IPC(MIC-2602) card (On-board Pentium- M 1.4G include VGA)
icon 15″ TFT LCD Display Panel
icon Diaplay Power and External Keyboard Interface.
icon I/O Operator’s Panel
icon 4 Axes Closed-loop Motion Control Card.
icon I/O Control Card.

Dialogue Programming

icon Dialogue Programming
icon G/M Code Programming.
icon Background Editing.
icon Special Modular Machining (Circle, Rectangle Patterns)
icon Auto Edging, Center of Two Points, Center of Circle Contains Electrode
icon Radius Compensation
icon DXF file and Wire Cut Program Transfer
icon Variable deepness control of machining.
icon Simulation and working path display.
icon Many condition files-each file input has 100 discharge variables.
icon 100 sets of drilling deepness.

Flexible and Maintainable

icon Self-Diagnostic System Display.
icon Hardware Status Display.
icon Alarm History Management.
icon USB interface.
icon Chinese / English / German / Japanese conversion
Item / Model OCT-90120CA
Table Travel (X, Y axes)
900 x 1200 mm
Z axis travel
1000 mm
W axis travel
350 mm
Max. diameter of Rotary table
Ø 750 mm
Max. height of rotary table
500 mm
Plate rotaion of rotray table
Plate inclination of rotary table inclination angle -15°~105°,
Accuracy ±0.003°
Max. workpiece weight + tool assemble
250 kg
Power input
According to local voltage
Max. average current
32 Amps / (64 Amps optional)
Power capacity
85 KVA
Electrode diameter
0.1~3.0 mm / (3.1~6.3 mm Optional)
Machine net weight
7000 kgs
2900 x 2865 x 2568 mm


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