MAXIMO GENARAL is a large cutting system based on the well proven 2D laser machine PLATINO by Prima Power.

MAXIMO boasts all the advantages of PLATINO, combined with a very large work area.

This result is obtained with a simple but highly effective solution: a complete PLATINO machine – with its mechanical structure, laser generator, CNC, moving carriages, optical chain and focusing head – travelling on rails over a fixed working table, processing sheets up to 36 m in length.

In addition to the movement axes of the PLATINO machine (the Z axis for the vertical movement, the X and Y1 axes for the longitudinal and transversal motion), MAXIMO features a further Y2 axis, which allows the machine to move beyond its Y1 axis stroke, as far as the sheet metal to be processed requires.

MAXIMO can be equipped with one or more support tables (length according to application) and the relevant devices for fume extraction and scrap collection.

The sheet metal remains fixed during the working process: it is the machine that moves to reach the area to be machined

Specifications +

Work area  X,  Y1,  Z,  Y2 3,048 mm,  1,524 mm,  150 mm,  6,000…36,000 mm
Axis speed  X,  Y1 100 m/min. (140 m/min combined)
Axis speed  Y2 15 m/min
Axis resolution 0.001 mm
Axis accuracy, according to VDI/DGQ 3441 standards

Length of measuring: complete stroke
Positioning (Pa)
Repeatability (Ps)

0.03 mm
0.03 mm
Maximum overall dimensions, L x W x H 15,400…45,700 mm x 5,750 mm x 3,000 mm


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