Automotive part manufacturers need highly specialized products for the cutting of sheet metal parts, capable of answering to all their specific requirements. Prima Power has designed the new 3D laser machine for automotive production. In developing Laser Next Prima Power has focused on the achievement of the following main benefits for the user:

Maximizing throughput thanks to a dramatic reduction of cycle times. During the last ten years the performance of Prima Power 3D laser machines for automotive applications have been growing steadily. With Laser Next a fundamental step forward was made: productivity on a typical benchmark component (B-pillar) was raised by 25%.

At the base of this result, there are the best dynamic performance on the market for a 3D laser machine (208 m/min trajectory speed and 2.1 g acceleration), granted by the use of highly innovative solutions and materials for kinematics and machine structure such as, just to quote some, direct motors and transducers for main axes and focusing head, and machine frame in synthetic granite with optimized shape.

Space efficient layout both for stand-alone and multi-machine configuration. Space is money and well-conceived layout help saving square meters and optimizing plant logistics.

The compactness of the installation further improves installing more machines, since you can have up to three units one next to the other connected to the same magnetic scrap conveyor, with no need of excavation works. Given the same area, in fact, it is possible to install more machines (e.g. four Laser Next instead of three units of the previous model). Considering the performance of Laser Next, the productivity per square meter ratio is simply astonishing.

Improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). For Laser Next Prima Power capitalized on its know-how of hundreds of installations for the 24/7 manufacturing of High Strength Steel components, widely used in car production.

Every single detail was studied and developed to maximize machine uptime. Maintenance was also cut down and simplified to reduce non productive times and the need of specialized resources dedicated to these activities.

Laser Next has a work volume of 3,050 x 1,530 x 612 mm and is equipped with 3 kW or 4 kW high brilliance fiber laser. Its compact focusing head, fully sealed for best protection, features direct drive motors, double protection SIPS, fully metallic sensor, and Focal Position Control.

The high-precision and dynamic turntable with servo motor and absolute encoder is designed to ensure the highest reliability, safety and ergonomics. Thanks to reduced blocking times, the distance between table and light curtains is very short, allowing faster and more comfortable loading/unloading operations in full safety.

Specifications +

Work area
X 3,050 mm Y 1,530 mm Z 612 mm
A 360° B ±135° C ±12 mm

Axis speed
X, Y, Z 120 m/min (trajectory 208 m/min)
A, B 1.5 rev/s

Laser source Fiber 3,000 W – 4,000 W


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