Easy access from the front and both sides for tooling
or automation

* Rugged machining center platform

* Class 1 laser safety enclosure

* LASERDYNE System S94P console with pendant controller

With over 30 years of experience and proven reliability, LASERDYNE delivers precision laser machining systems that are not just “integrated”, but developed from well-established standard platforms. Many technically advanced features have been incorporated into our LASERDYNE S94P laser process controller, providing both programmable flexibility and process capability.

*  Automatic focus control™

*  Surface mapping

*  Integral CCTV setup and process monitor

*  Drill at focus o SPC data acquisition

Combined with our materials and applications expertise and wide range of laser sources available.

LASERDYNE should be your first choice for “laser-ready” process development assistance! Internationally Supported by a world-wide Prima Power network!

Specifications +

Features Laserdyne 430
Linear axes  X,  Y,  Z 585 mm [23.0 in]  /  408 mm [16.0 in]  /  508 mm [20.0 in]
Position speed  X,  Y,  Z 15 m/min [600 in/min]
Accuracy  X,  Y,  Z 12.5 µm [0.0005 inch] bi-directional
Repeatability  X,  Y,  Z 12.5 µm [0.0005 inch] bi-directional
Minimum programmable increment 2.5 µm [0.0001 inch]
Table Load Capacity 250 kg [550 lb]


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