Building on the history of the well proven and successful DNM and DNM II series, the new version DNM series boasts even greater reliabitily and performance. In addition, the new series includes grease lubrication to the roller  guideways for more environmental friendliness. The design concepts of the DNM 4500, DNM 5700 and DNM 6700 are high speed, high rigidity and suitability for universal applications. Standard features are the largest machining space in its class, direct coupled spindle, roller guideways and thermal error compensation to provide optimum precision.


1. A highly versatile vertical machining center offering the largest machining space in its class: While requiring the same installation floor space as the previous model, the new DNM series provides a larger table with increased Y axis travel and maximum table load.

2. Standard Direct -Coupled Spindle for Higher Productivity:

  • The direct coupled spindle reduces vibration and noise, thereby improving the machines performance and environmental-friendliness compared to belt drive type.
  • Higher productivity is achieved by reducing tool change time and improving all axes feed system acc/dec times.

3. An environmental-friendly machine designed for stable and easy operation:

  • Thermal error compensation function fitted as standard optimizes machine accuracy by reducing the effects of heat build-up during extended periods of operation.
  • The EOP funtion can be checked in the pop-up window on the NC main screen for convenient machine operation.
  • Grease lubrication for axis  roller guideways is a standard feature and contamination of the operator’s environment.


Specifications +

Description Unit DNM4500 DNM5700 DNM6700
Travels Travels distance X-axis mm 800 1050 1300
Y-axis mm 450 570 670
Z-axis mm 510 510 625
Distance from spindle nose to table top mm 150 ~660 150~775
Table Table size mm 1000×450 1300×570 1500×670
Table loading capacity Kg 600 1000 1300
Table surface type mm T-SLOT(4-125x18H8)
Spindle Max. spindle speed r/m 8000
Taper ISO#40
Spindle power Fanuc (S3/Cont.) kW 18.5/11





Siemens (S6 40%/Cont.) kW 16.5/11 21.8/16.3
Heidenhain ( S6 25%/Cont.) kW 17/10 32/15
Max. spindle torque Fanuc (S3) N.m 117.8(286*)
Siemens(S6 40%) N.m 141 150
Heidenhain (S6 25%) N.m 108.6 203.7
Feedrates Rapid traverse rate X axis m/min 36
Y axis m/min 36
Z axis m/min 30
Automatic tool changer Type of tool shank Tool shank BT40(CAT40/DIN40)
Pull stud PS806(Modified DIN/DIN 69872#40)
Tool storage capa ea 30(40)
Max.tool diameter Continous mm 80(76)
Without Adjacent Tools mm 125
Max.tool length mm 300
Max.tool weight kg 8
Tool selection Memory random
Tool change time(tool to tool) sec 1.2
Tool change time (chip to chip) sec 3.2
Power source Electric power supply (rated capacity) kVA 29.6 38.1(33.0***)
Compressed air supply MPa 0.54
Tank capacity Coolant tank capacity L 260 310 325
Machine dimensions Height mm 2985 2985 3100
Length mm 2158 2413 2597
Width mm 2615 3110 3350
Weight kg 5000 6500 8500


NC system Doosan fanuc i/Siemens S828D/heidenhain TNC620


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